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Hina is a 21-year-old student from Japan. She became pregnant after a rape and wanted an abortion.

  • Drawing illustrating a woman.
    OTALT/Helene Karlsson

This story is collected by Women on Web. WoW is a medical abortion service that has provided over 100,000 women with the ability to terminate unwanted pregnancies for more than 15 years. Their mission is to provide safe, accessible and affordable online abortion care to women and people around the world. 

Hina contacted WoW's online abortion service, this is an edited version of what she wrote.

If you do not help me, I am going to kill myself.


Hina's letter

I am contacting you with so much fear. Please help, help, help.

I was raped. I think it is my own fault because I was walking in a street alone at night. Now I hate myself and the man.

I have never had an abortion at the hospital, but I could not bear the insulting gaze at me by the doctors and nurses. I have been raped, and this is too big an insult. Do I have to bear another insult? I cannot bear it. If you do not help me, I am going to kill myself.

Hina received the abortion pill from Women on Web and ended her unwanted pregnancy.